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UKCP registration as a Psychotherapist takes 5 years and requires a Masters level qualification. Counselling is usually trained at College level and someone may become qualified after 3 years at that level. Ultimately what makes a good therapist is their personal willingness to 'do the work themselves' and, also, their openness as a person in therapy (not just hiding behind their professional role or identity!).   Existential Therapy is a contemporary approach in Psychotherapy that includes this sense of personal engagement via dialogue and exploration. As a 'response' to psychoanalysis this approach might work with the past -traumas and attachments-  (for instance how the past might be replayed and repeated within present experiences) but this approach doesn't require us to be endlessly trawling through the past. It is present and future focused. This approach is particularly relevant to a lived and mindfulness based view of the world and can offer a bridge of understanding between the scientific world view and more traditional world views! 


It is an 'analytical' and 'relational' form of therapy: With each weekly session, via dialogue, we will gradually learn to really see what is happening in very specific detail for you in your mind, body, relationships and life situations in the present moment. Gradually we will uncover  meanings for you and ways of seeing such situations differently so that you may live your life more fully.


By deep reflection upon any experiences that you wish to present, you will learn to see different aspects of these and form different perspectives: this may lead to changes in your world thus leading to a deeper understanding of life and it's problems. This is a therapy that takes into account different world views and honours them.


"Life is best understood by looking backwards,

but it is best lived moving forwards"

Soren Kierkegaard 



Ordinarily we would initially contract for 12 sessions but some people prefer to commence with a 6-week taster. This work may involve resolving particular dilemmas.




 This therapy is not one where you or I would be 'just going through the motions'. It can be quite challenging. We are looking at life with all of it's vicissitudes and difficulties and reflecting upon how to meet them courageously.


I am a UKCP registered Existential Psychotherapist having achieved a Masters level qualification at Regents College. I am also a professional member of the Society for Existential Analysis.



My fees for UKCP registered Existential Psychotherapy & Counselling are £75 per 50 minute session. UKCP requires an extensive 5 year University Accredited training to become a psychotherapist accredited by them.  This training must include 4 years of personal therapy. Most BACP Counsellors have a 3 year college level training without any accreditation or limited personal therapy requirements. I am very passionate about this approach; working as a psychotherapist with philosophy has a strong symmetry with the mindfulness based approach which entails the development of personal experiential insight through really looking 'up close' at what is happening when you have difficulties. 


Do look around!


Look on the UKCP website to find a Psychotherapist in your area.

If you call me on 07866 372021 I will get back to you but it may take some time as I am usually fully booked with odd slots becoming available as people get what they need and leave. I can respond to text enquiries much quicker!

or email me directly at: psychotherapy@mindful-therapy.uk


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