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Choose CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) if you are having problems and you just want to tackle them'head on'.  CBT is a 'no thrills' therapy; based on science and scientific research and evidence.  It is very practical and usually very straightforward: we begin to assess the problem through observation between sessions. I invite you to get an A5 hardback notebook and during our sessions together I facilitate awareness  skills of distinguishing between feelings, sensations, thoughts, perceptions and situations. You then learn to do this between sessions. 


The way you use the book begins to change as your understanding of what is happening during difficulties changes and these (problems) then begin to change. The book becomes a personal, very personal, therapy manual designed around your experiences. 


 I would recommend a 'one off session' for you to get to know what I offer and for me to provide an initial assessment. A thorough assessment can take up to 4 sessions. You can then decide, in collaboration with me, to contract to address these specific problems and create achievable goals. CBT is the time limited therapy of choice and most specific problem goals can be achieved between 12- 20 sessions (even earlier!).

As your Cognitive Behavioural Therapist I would meet with you weekly and also give you regular homework which will enable you to 'become your own therapist' in order to reach these goals.

This work- during and between sessions- can often enable tackling specific and common mental health problems to be resolved within 16-20 sessions and perhaps much earlier.


I am a BABCP accredited CBT therapist having achieved a Masters  Level qualification in CBT at the University of Hertfordshire. I am also engaged with new developments such as '3rd wave' CBT theories and applications such as ACT (Acceptance and Comittment Therapy: a form of mindfulness based behaviour change therapy)


My fees are £85 per 60 minute session.


These fees are the equitable rate for BABCP fully accredited CBT therapists. As a BABCP accredited CBT Psychotherapist I can work with all the major Health Insurance Providers: SIGMA, BUPA etc


Please investigate whether other people offering CBT are BABCP accredited. Those that are not BABCP  will be cheaper but you will simply not get proper CBT by someone unless they are fully trained in that discipline with an understanding of all the latest scientific research!  Look on the BABCP website for the find a therapist link in your area. It is good for you to do some research! Fees are £80 per hour


You may call me on 07866 372021 and leave a voicemail. I will get back to you but my work is very much in demand and it will not be immediate. Please be patient I will reply. It would be quicker, though, if you text me on that number or alternatively  email me directly  on: cbt@mindful-therapy.uk

Daren Messenger

CBT Therapist


Specialist areas

CBT for common mental health problems.

3rd Wave and mindfulness based approaches to CBT: MBCT & ACT. Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 




Professional Registration and training

Year 2011

BABCP Registration


Year 2011

PgDip (Masters level) qualification  in CBT with commendation.

University of Hertfordshire


Year 2005

PgDip (Masters Level) qualification in 'Mindfulness Based Approaches

Bangor University


Year 2002

2 X PgDip(Masters Level) qualification  in Socratic and Philosophical approaches to Psychotherapy (Existential Psychotherapy)

Regents College

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